Paul Costo of La Flor Dominicana and Litto Gomez


Paul Costo of La Flor Dominicana stopped by the store today, which is always a great surprise.  Somehow Urban Dictionary always works its way into the mix when he’s here!

With the LFD Cameroon Cabinet coming to the shop, we thought we’d ask him a few questions about it

Can you give us an overview of the Cameroon Cabinet?

“It’s little more full bodied than other Cameroon cigars, and darker too. That’s due to our use of the top four primings of the leaf (Ligero).  It’s actually an authentic African Cameroon.”

What is the filler and binder make up?

“The filler is all Dominican, grown on the La Flor Dominicana farm.  The binder is Nicaraguan.”

Can we be expecting anything new from La Flor Dominicana this year?

“Possibly a Factory Press IV, Limited Release Diademas. Also, look for some of the unreleased cigars that came in the OYA Maduro and Chisel Sampler to actually be released for full retail individually.”

Paul’s Desert Island Cigars: (LFD)

“Cameroon Cabinet Chisel, Limitado I, Litto Gomez Diez Lucitano 10”

Favorite Cigars outside of La Flor Dominicana:

“Padron – 1964 (Natural), My Father – Cedros, Illusione – Epernay”

Favorite Pairings:

“Ron Zacappa and Zaya,”

Paul started out as a retail manager for six years in Arlington, Texas, and has been southwest sales manager for LFD for four years.  He frequents the Dominican Republic to visit the La Flor Dominicana factory for quality control assistance.

Along with the Cameroon Cabinet, be on the lookout for the Culebra Especial Maduro and Culebra Gorda coming to the shop soon!

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