Viaje Oro Delicado Review (Daniel F Johnson Guest Review)


Cigar: Viaje Oro Delicado

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Price: $8.29

Vitola: 6 x 50

Drink: Casillero del Diablo. Carmenere 2009

Appearance and Construction: At first feel, the wrapper is as smooth as any other cigar I’ve encountered. The stick is only slightly oily, which is somewhat disappointing as I prefer my cigars a little on the creamy side. Construction is initially “solid as a rock” as Ashford and Simpson would say, pardon the 80’s reference. And as for ash, it holds beautifully and only falls when I see fit.  The color of the cigar is a milk chocolate brown. It’s not very splotchy, is moderately veiny, and  is a very attractive stick on the whole. About halfway through smoking the wrapper begins to flake only to a small extent, knocking the cigar’s grade down a few notches.

Pre-Light: The draw is a little tight but almost imperceptibly so as the smoke continues. The wrapper peeled back slightly when cut which was a huge disappointment; it doesn’t really affect the experience, but I am very particular about such things. There are slight notes of tobacco, chocolate, and random sweetness. Nothing special but all good.

Flavor and Notes: There’s a very strong burst of flavor as soon as it is lit. It actually catches me off guard with the first puff.

First Third – Pepper and spice dominate the beginning of the cigar. It’s an amazing mix and very strong. There’s a slight honey note the rings in with the pepper that brings some color to the taste. The wine has a hand in pulling the sweet out of this stick, a great pairing in my opinion.

Second Third – The spice dies down considerably but doesn’t disappear, somewhat stepping aside for the flavor of the tobacco to take precedent on the palate. The sweetness initially spoken of has all but vanished.

Final Third – Almost a combination of the first two sections. The spice and tobacco flavor are present in equal parts. there is still no sweetness, but i do not miss the honey note. The strength of the cigar is great and satisfying.

Body: It’s initially velvety smooth and moderately strong. On a 1 – 10 scale I’d rate the strength a 7, which increases to an 8.5 about halfway through the cigar. Someone not used to great amounts of strength and body in a cigar would probably call this particular stick overpowering. Personally it is my favorite part of the entire experience. It finally lets up in the final third of the cigar, which is a boon to me. I say this because the intensity from the first two thirds has me somewhat buzzing.

Overall Smoking Experience: I am incredibly satisfied with this cigar, but there are a few things that have me disappointed. First off, the split wrapper from the beginning. I despise missteps in construction like that one. This criticism could very well be my own fault, but I’m going to blame it on the cigar. Second, the flaking in the final third of the cigar. This i know i can not take credit for and is irritating to see on such a wonderfully tasting product. The burn was even throughout the entire smoke and required no touch-ups. As for flavor and body, it was amazing. I loved it. A low maintenance, high satisfaction smoke.

Daniel’s Rating: A solid 8, if not for the failures in aesthetic. With them I’d call it a 7.

Buy Again: Most definitely. And with high expectations. It is normal to get a cigar that falls apart every now and then, so I won’t hold it against Viaje. Perhaps I was due.

Chooch Rating: 0/5 unless you’re a message board  geek then 5/5! Boom!


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