Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Torpedo Review

Wrapper: Bahia Oscuro\Brazilian

Binder: Criollo\Dominican

Filler: Nicaraguan\Dominican

Price: $6.30

Vitola: 6 1/2 x 52

Drink: Coca Cola

Appearance & Construction:   Shiny wrapper due to excess oil.  It’s very smooth and looks great with it’s dark rich color.  The draw is perfect, just like every PDR Oscuro I’ve had.  However the construction wasn’t always great.  The ash was flaky, the cigar burnt a little uneven, and it smoked like a chimney while sitting.  You’d think all that smoke would translate into a really fast and hot burn, but that’s not the case.  It stayed very cool throughout most of the smoke.

Pre-Light: Amazing milk-chocolate notes on the draw.

Flavor & Notes:  Right on the first draw I picked up a heavy chocolate flavor with notes of cinnamon (the cinnamon flavor became more apparent through the nose).  The oscuro was incredibly smooth, even on the retrohale.  After I had smoked through a third, I started to pick up a buttery taste that complimented the chocolate flavor nicely, and added to the overall viscosity and smoothness.  Nearing the half way mark the spice starts to pick up, and it added a little kick to the overall experience.  Two-thirds of the way in, Spanish cedar notes started to creep up.  It was an interesting addition to the other flavors, and eventually it ended up dominating the palette for the rest of the smoke.  True to most cigars, the flavor begins to die out rapidly in the last third.  Lots of great flavor in this smoke.

Body: Starts off as a very smooth medium, and starts to build after the half way mark.  It never quite makes it to full bodied, and ends up medium-full.

Overall Smoking Experience: The first time I had this it blew me away, and I almost exclusively smoked this for a month or two.  After taking a break for 3 or 4 months, I’ve come back to try this cigar again.  It’s apparent that Pinar Del Rio has created something special, with lasting appeal.  I loved this every bit as much as the first time, and at the price you’ll be hard-pressed to find something much better.  This is a quality smoke on a budget!  Recommended for the medium to full bodied smoker.

Matt’s Rating: 8.0

Buy Again: Will be one of my every-day go to cigars.

Chooch Rating: 0

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  1. The PDR Oscuro is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued. I phoned the factory and was told that an authorized PDR dealer can order the Oscuro and they will make them. My local shop is becoming a PDR retailer and my first order will be a box of the PDR Oscuro Torpedo.

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