Para Ti (Cañonazos) Review


Wrapper: Dominican

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Price: $8.25

Vitola: 6 x 48

Drink: Coca Cola (sensing a pattern?)

Appearance & Construction: The draw was a little tight, but I think that’s by design as there was a perfect amount of smoke.  The cigar looks a little crazy, like something Clint Eastwood would smoke (which is slightly awesome).  The ash ranges from grey to almost black, with lots of cracks and flaking.  At the head, the smoke comes out yellow and tar has a tendency to accumulate.  This cigar was perfectly filled as the burn was perfect.  I didn’t have to touch it up once.  Until the final third, the smoke remained cool.

Pre-light:  Drawing on the cigar provided a hint of vanilla bean and coffee.  The band is plain and simple, which is refreshing (might not catch your attention).

Flavor & Notes: Initially, I only got strength from this cigar, but after an inch that cleared up.  The dominant flavors on the Para Ti were vanilla, coffee, and cream.  I can’t begin to tell you how awesome they were.  A slight bitter taste began around one third of the way in, but I think that’s due to some of the tar forming.  However, the sweet spot kicked in half way through, and smoothed everything out while the flavors became very potent.  For 10 minutes, this was one of my favorite cigars.  Approaching the end of the smoke, the bitterness came back, but it wasn’t bad.  It gave the flavors a little kick, but the overall taste began a rapid decline.  When this cigar is done, it ends quickly.  Fortunately that was a good portion into the last third.

Body: It’s a medium body, but packs a strong nicotine punch which will lead people to believe this is more of a full bodied cigar.  You might get you the jitters if you haven’t had a meal.  In the last third the body comes back, and this time with vengeance and intent to harm you.  If you can smoke this without flinching, I salute you.

Overall Smoking Experience:  I’ve had this cigar a few times, and enjoyed it every time.  In my experience they haven’t been consistent.  I’m not saying  they haven’t been consistently good, but the flavors have often varied, and on occasion I just get strength without flavor.  Despite some of my complaints, I absolutely love the #@$% out of this cigar.  The flavors are unique and complex.  Don’t misunderstand, the Para Ti is strong, but still in an enjoyable way.

Matt’s Rating: 8.0

Chooch Factor: 0   (Feel free to blast your Ed Hardy shirt at the bar, slamming Zima, as long as you have one of these in your pie hole)

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  1. sirlancelot says:

    Right on with the review Matt, very nicely put. I noticed a similar problem with the flavors after getting through the first third but overall a solid smoke. I do plan on enjoying another one soon since I have only smoked this once.

    Lance Rating: 7.5 (for now)

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