Ortega Serie D Review – Desi Maldonado


Cigar:  Serie D by Ortega Cigars

Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano

Binder:  Nicaragua

Filler:  Nicaragua

Price:  $7.20

Vitola:  Robusto (5.5×50)

Drink:  Mexican Coffee

Appearance and Construction:   The Serie D has a slight box press, reminicent of an EO 601 Blue that Eddie Ortega has worked on in the past.  I am absolutely a fan of the look and style, as I love my cigars to stay put when I set them down.  The wrapper is a little coarse and veiny, smooth carmel color, and solid construction.  The band is soft spoken, not a lot of glitz and glamor, tastefully done.

Pre-Light:   I nip off the last cap (appears to have a triple cap) and the draw is flawless.  There isn’t much pre-light aroma to speak of, so let’s get this show on the road.


First Third – The foot toasts nicely and I get a nice even light without much effort.  The first few draws are bold, peppery and spicy right out of the gate.  A few puffs in I go for a deep retrohale that stings the nostrils, I wasn’t expecting that.  This little stick doesn’t mess around, the spice isn’t overwhelming but there’s enough to let you know it’s there.  The ash is a little gray and coarse.  Cigar went out on me as I set it down for a minute, had to knock off the ash and touch up.  The flavors are beginning to mellow out as I reach the 1/3 mark, as the spice is replaced with earthy, nutty, and leather tones. 

Second Third – I reach the start of the 2/3 mark around 30 minutes in.  Most of the initial bite from the spice I got at the initial burn is gone, but the sting on the retrohale is still there.  The cigar is putting out a decent amount of smoke now and the aroma is almost almost tangy.  The burn is starting to get a little uneven, but the ash is holding on for now (although a larger crack has developed) and the stick is putting out a good amount of smoke with each puff.  Earthy and woody tones dominate as I near the final third and there’s a little bitterness on aftertaste, but not an unpleasant amount.

Final Third – I reach the final third around the 50 minute mark.  Not much as changed so far, still dominated by earthy and woody tones, with a hint of nuts and spice.  Starting to pick up a slight hint of dark chocolate, but nothing too significant.  The ash dropped for the 2nd time, once again the smoke is picking up nicely.  Aftertaste is now a little sweeter and brings out some of the coffee that I finished about half way through the review, a welcomed treat for my palate. 

Body:   I’d consider this cigar on the fuller side of medium bodied with lots of pepper and spice primarily on the retrohale.  If you’re a smoker that doesn’t like to retrohale, you’re going to miss most of the spice this cigar has to offer.

Overall Smoking Experience:   Other than the one relight, this was an enjoyable cigar.  Total smoke time topped out around 1 hr 30 minutes.  That’s a heck of a feat for a rubusto for me.

Desi’s Rating:   This is the 4th Serie D natural that I’ve had.  It’s been consistent each time, not a lot of depth but overall a nice even keeled smoke.  I’m a big fan of robustos,  and the fact that it takes me over an hour to smoke one gets major points with me.  Easy to smoke, zesty spice through the nose, and overall a pleasant smoke.  

I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10

Buy Again:   Yes.  I like the natural better than the maduro in the Serie D.  It’s a nice cigar for the price point, although it could use a little more depth and variety.  It’s still a nice change of pace cigar for me.


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