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Nica Review 01


Cigar: Nica Rustica by Drew Estate

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Mexican San Andres

Filler: Nicaraguan

Price: $6.95

Vitola: Toro

Drink: No drink

Appearance and Construction: The Nica Rustica is a typical looking toro cigar.  It sports a dark oily wrapper that is slightly smooth to the touch, not course like I expected.  The construction is flawless.  The cap has a very short pigtail of sorts.  The band is simple, and that adds to the overall appearance of the stick.

Pre-Light: I used a standard guillotine cutter on the Nica, the cut is perfect.  Initial draw turns up loose with little resistance. The Nica has a fantastic aroma, its a very rich raisin flavor.  I’m also getting some slight wood tasting undertones.

First Third: Used a torch to light up, which is ideal because like most Liga line cigars, it takes a little more effort to get a good light.  But once lit the cigar billows thick smoke.  Wow.  This cigar is smoking more than any other cigar I’ve seen.  Earlier I was worried about the loose draw, but after the first couple puffs I find the draw to be perfect.  The taste of the Nica is very earthy with a slight sweetness.  I’m not getting any spice or pepper flavor.

Nica Review 02

Second Third: The ash is holding on nice and the burn is almost razor sharp.  Not problems with performance at all.  The favor now is tons of cedar.  It does remind me of the Liga No. 9.  Towards the end of this third I start to get some nutty flavor, I would say mainly a peanut flavor.  I’m still not getting any significant spice, which is a bummer.  I think some spice would accentuate this cigar very much.  The Nica really starts to hit its stride and smoothes out dramatically.
Nica Review 03

Last Third:  A very small crack has started on the Nica just bellow the band.  It is not causing any problems at this point.  The flavor on this third have shifted a good bit.  I’m no longer getting the wood and nutty notes.  Now I’m getting a slightly burnt coffee and chocolate flavor that seems to linger on the tongue more than I would like.  Still no spice.  The strength of the Nica is increasing, which I expected.  Once I took the band off I noticed more cracks.  After a few more puffs the wrapper started to peel up a little.  The cigar is still smoking like a champ without issues.
Nica Review 04

Body: I would call this a medium body cigar with medium strength.  I think it would pair nicely with a good cheeseburger and a more mild bourbon.

Overall Smoking Experience:  I enjoyed this cigar.  It presented me with many flavors I like.  While the Nica did remind me of a Liga line, it certainly holds it’s own.  Total smoke time for the Nica was just under 2 hours.  I blame that on all my picture taking.

Nica Review 05

Bryan’s Rating:  Being this cigar has not been released yet I was only able to smoke one for this review.  With that being said my rating might change slightly if I had smoked more.  But, I love this vitola: Not too big and not too small.  This is a great cigar for price and, with it being a regular production, it should be fairly easy to find.
Nica Review 06

I’d give the Nica Rustica a 7 out of 10, where 10 being damn near perfect.

Buy Again: I will be buying a bundle of these when they are released.  I have a feeling they will age nicely.


I will be doing a follow-up review of the Nica Rustica once the cigar is officially released in the coming months to see if there are any changes between the original review cigar and the regular production variety.

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