Litto Gomez Small Batch No 3 Review


Wrapper: Dominican

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Price: $17.60

Vitola: 6 3/4 x 52

Drink: Coca-Cola

Appearance & Construction: This cigar has a dark rich color and oily wrapper.  It’s rough to the touch, has tiny veins, is slightly patchy, and little bumpy.  This Litto is filled to perfection.  The draw offers a little resistance and what every cigar should aspire to be in my opinion.  Tons of smoke on each draw.  Not a lot of smoke coming off the foot while the cigar is just sitting.    Won’t go out if left to sit for a while.  The ash is pretty decent.  It’s mainly white with lines of black and grey, and is fairly solid.  Will stay attached for at least the first third.  Assuming you are careful, and don’t purposefully knock it off.  Will smoke cool all the way through the end of the smoke.  One of the best constructed cigars I’ve ever smoked.

Pre-Light: Perfect draw, great chocolate flavors complimented by natural rich tobacco

Flavor & Notes: Immediately I’m getting a strong chocolate flavor that is extremely smooth yet contains hints of different spices.

First Third – Classic full bodied La Flor Dominicana taste, similar to the La Flor Salamon if you’ve had the privilege of smoking it.  Very oily taste with a spicy pepper taste.  Not black pepper, but peppers of some sort, green peppers or chilies?

Second Third – Chocolate has become more apparent, and the spice still persists.  The combination of the two, creates a spicy chocolate flavor, leaving an interesting, complex, and delicious finish.

Final Third –  Same flavors persist.  They have have smoothed out slightly.  Through the nose, at this point, is much more enjoyable as it’s not quite as harsh.

Body: Medium-full as it starts out.  Again, body is always relative to the person smoking it.  The full body peppery taste is fully felt through the nose.  It’s quite robust and will be one of the more full bodied cigars that you’ve smoked (again, just through the nose).

Overall Smoking Experience:  This is my third one, and they have all been great.  Not just great, amazing.  Any cigar that can be consistently amazing is quite a feat in my book.  I don’t know that I would consider this cigar very complex, but it’s the same delicious flavors that remain constant through the entire smoke (which is what I’ve experienced with a lot of high quality La Flor cigars).  I can’t recommend this cigar highly enough.  There are still some available and I strongly urge you to pick up a couple while you still can.  Recommended for anyone who likes a full bodied smoke.  Honestly one of the finest cigars I’ve ever smoked.

Matt’s Rating: 9.6

Buy Again: I will be picking up a few more to keep for a rainy day.  

Chooch Rating: 1/5


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