La Riqueza Cabinet Selection No. 2 Review


Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf USA

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Price: $9.50

Vitola: Belicoso 5.5×52

Drink: Water

Appearance & Construction: The cigar was oily, had no big visible veins however, the seam was very visible.  I feel the cigar had a very rustic and different look to it.  I noticed that the wrapper seemed to sparkle in places, and I couldn’t get it off if I tried to wipe it with my finger.  After lighting it had an amazingly tight white ash on it. The burn and ash were absolutely perfect all the way through. The ash fell off just after the half way point, and I never needed to retouch the cigar. I’m usually pretty finicky with touching up and I never did! This is a feat for me and the cigar.  I guess I could say the construction was flawless. 

Pre-light: After the cut with my Xikar the draw had some resistance but not tight.  I didn’t notice much in aromas, some very faint Spanish cedar and notes of milk chocolate and a sort of perfumie thing.  That’s the only descriptor I could think of, yes perfumie (this is not a bad thing).

Flavor & Notes:

First third: The cigar starts out very unique and complex. I’m getting almost a minty and extremely spicy but not peppery spice.  I almost get a little mace (the spice) and allspice.  The finish after each puff is an extremely long clean finish, very tasty mmmmmm. I can even notice the flavor of the cigar on my lips and it’s  a nice flavor.  Through the nose I get tons of smooth spice, it’s very nice. Taking a drink of water completely removes any hint that you were smoking, which makes each puff after a drink of water seem like a new cigar.

Second third: A little sweetness is starting to come through with subtle notes of Spanish cedar starting to be more dominant.  Further into the 2nd third I started to notice a slightly chocolate and leathery notes come through.  So far this cigar is very big and complex.  I also almost again notice an almost perfumeie note, especially from the smoke coming off of the foot of the cigar.

Final third: The spiciness of the cigar is starting to become the dominant flavor, but again not peppery by any means.  The mouth feel of the smoke is very big, rich and dense, almost a buttery feel. Great way to end the cigar with big spices and that perfumeie aromatic note.

Body: Medium, no more, no less

Overall Smoking Experience: So far I’ve always enjoyed this cigar. A lot of shops don’t carry the Cabinet Selection version of this cigar. I honestly don’t know why. I find it much better than the original, not to say I don’t enjoy the original.  I’m really happy that this cigar breaks the “trend” for “full bodied” cigars.  It’s so rich and flavorful and at the same time smooth enough for, I think, everyone to enjoy. 

Chooch Factor: 0 Most of the time you’ll hear Cabinet Selection?! and that’s if they even know of the La Riqueza cigar in the first place.  Now if someone has “The Riches Bitches” shirt on, that’s just bad ass, they should get a free stick.  Note I said SHOULD.

Gabe Rating: 8.8

Buy Again: Not even worth asking….. yes!


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