K.A. Kendall’s 7-20-4 Review

Wrapper: Brazil

Binder: Costa Rica

Filler: Columbia, Honudras, Mexico, Nicaragua

Price: $6.75

Vitola: 5 and 5/8 x 46 (7-20-4)

Drink : Coffee (Pike’s Place)

Appearance & Constuction: The 7-20-4 sports a great looking wrapper that is oily, smooth, richly colored, and ever so slightly veiny.  I was immediately impressed with the construction on this stogie.  The draw was nice, but if anything it was on the tighter side, with the ash solid and pure white.  After smoking through the first third, the solid construction persisted and the smoke remained cool; although, the ash wasn’t quite as perfect, but still had a nice white color.  Nearing the  half way mark, the volume of smoke begins to pick up.  The cigar did get a bit hotter, but nothing that’s going to take away from the overall enjoyment of the cigar.  Very good construction.

Pre-Light: Good Draw, slightly tight.  No dominant pre-light flavor.  The aroma is deceiving, as you’ll suspect a fuller bodied smoke.  The band is appealing, with a classic look.  It will catch your eye.

Flavor & Notes: Kendall’s 7-20-4 starts off with very smooth, nutty flavors.  Initially, it’s not a terribly complex cigar, but eventually develops into something more interesting.  One third of the way in, I started picking up a faint taste of bitterness like a dark chocolate, and a foreshadowing of earthy notes which led to a drastic change in the overall taste half way through.  Spanish Cedar began to dominate the palette, and the strength of the flavor itself cranked up a couple notches, and progressed through the end of the smoke.  The flavor was great, and this one really threw me a delicous curve ball.

Body: Very smooth medium body at the start that will continue to build throughout the duration of the cigar, but never becoming  harsh and finishes around medium-full.

Overall Smoking Experience: A solid cigar that you should withhold judgment on until you have smoked through half.  I enjoyed the cigar from the get go, but it got better the further I went.  The coffee helped bring out the chocolate notes in the beginning, and you won’t need any help picking up the flavor towards the end.

Matt’s Rating: 7.5

Chooch Factor: Smoking this will actually allow you to subtract 2 chooch points from your last Cohiba.

Buy Again: Has been and will continue to be in my rotation.  It’s been a while since my last 7-20-4.  I won’t be waiting as long next time.


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  1. fatherjohn says:

    Excellent review. I think I need to try another one. It’s been too long…

  2. pete says:

    Initial taste I get from this cigar is a very nice blast of black pepper & cedar. the first half of the cigar I get a hint of fresh cracked black pepper, some sort of wood flavor almost like cedar or mesquite, and a nice hint of cocoa. Very good balance of flavor. The second half I still got the black pepper but it now becomes more of a spice along with leather, cedar and a very pleasant and interesting floral flavor. The burn and draw were excellent a nice tight light-gray ash that held on. This is one of my go-to smokes and thanks to Gabe it’s going to be one of the next boxes I will buy

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